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Dmitry Sumskoy: “Foreign Students shall join all student government unions”

Date of material placement: 31-01-2019, 15:31.

Dmitry Sumskoy (First Pro-Rector, NCFU) held a meeting with representatives of the foreign students union. To join the meeting also came Nadezhda Akchuriana (Pro-Rector for Administrative Affairs, NCFU), Galina Shelkoplyasova (Head of Methodology Department), Svetlana Zenchenko (Head of Department for International Cooperation), etc.


When delivering his opening speech, Mr. Sumskoy noted that the number of foreign students in NCFU has been showing a stable growth – from fewer than 200 students in 2012 to more than 1,600 students now.

- For us it is extremely important to help you join education here, stay comfortable, and participate in all the areas of our extracurricular life. We, together with you, shall develop a system for interaction among institutes, education departments, and NCFU’s general life. Besides, your representatives should be in every single union involved in student government here, - Mr. Sumskoy was quoted as saying.



Other issues discussed through the meeting included legal training for foreign students, their academic performance, and the available associations and clubs established to help them adjust better in Russia.



Finally, the NCFU management answered numerous questions coming from the students, after which they thanked everyone for coming and promised such meetings would be held at least once a semester.


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