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NCFU Among Ten Most Popular Classical Universities

Date of material placement: 15-01-2019, 12:11.

NCFU has joined the Russian ratings of universities, which reveals the demand it enjoys from the Russian economy.

In 2018, 444 universities joined the ratings estimating the demand they enjoy, of which 87 are classical universities, 126 – engineering institutions, 56 – agricultural, 68 – specializing in humanities, 48 – medical, with another 59 institutions focusing on management studies. The evaluation involved various criteria including the number of graduates getting guaranteed employment, commercialization of intellectual property products, etc.

The study revealed that NCFU well deserves to be placed on Line 10, which 7 items above last year’s rating.

Besides, NCFU became the best among the classical universities in the region, followed by the Dagestan State University.