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Universities of Russia and Lebanon Sign Cooperation Agreements

Date of material placement: 13-12-2018, 12:48.

NCFU and Arts, Sciences and TechnologyUniversityin Lebanon (AUL) representatives met in Beirut to sign an agreement on training in higher education. Earlier this year the two universities had a meeting to sign a cooperation agreement, after which they applied a lot of effort to develop roadmaps within various fields.


One of the priority tasks identified at the meeting was postgraduate training for AUL’s strategic projects. The two universities managed to develop a unique program that is up to the next international standards and shall be used to train PhD students with professors from the two institutions supervising the research projects and the items to be published further in WoS and Scopus journals.


As a result, an agreement on training postgraduates from Lebanon at NCFU was signed, as well as the parties agreed to launch academic exchange including lectures to be delivered by the leading professors from each university respectively.