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Best Youth of Stavropol

Date of material placement: 11-12-2018, 11:44.

The brightest and most ambitious young people of the Stavropol region joined I AM THE BEST Festival with over a hundred students and winners of various contests receiving their awards and certificates, many of them coming from NCFU.


There were nine nominations all in all, and the winners in the ART TO WIN nomination were the first ones to get their prizes. Christina Fedorova (Commissioner of the student pedagogical team CLASSICS, NCFU) was among them (her project – to host a festival-contest for student teams, which finally got support and was implemented).


- This was my first project and I am so happy to have my effort recognized and awarded. I would like now to do something on even larger a scale just to show to everyone how valuable it is to win a grant, - Christina was quoted as saying.