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NCFU Gets to Know British Experience

Date of material placement: 23-11-2018, 13:09.

How would you help students start their first start-up? This is the question that was discussed during a two-day seminar at NCFU, where Prof. Anthony Vickers (University of Essex, Great Britain) shared his best experience.


This was the second visit that Prof. Vickers paid to NCFU, where he told the audience about how to develop students’ entrepreunial thinking and skills, and the first step here is top teach them how to dream & generate ideas.


- The University of Essex offers special courses where students come with their own ideas. They first get their imagination boosted, which is essential for everyone seeking to open their own business. And afterwards they are taught project skills and are shown how to get from ideas to their implementation, - Prof. Vickers told.

In the two days, the audience got to know Prof. Vickers’s special methodology, and then the newly gained knowledge will be employed to develop project-oriented programs and curricula at NCFU.

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