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Institute of Economics & Management Embarks on New Cooperation

Date of material placement: 22-10-2018, 14:40.

The Institute of Economics and Management, NCFU, signed a cooperation agreement with the Belgrade High School of Economics and Entrepreneurship. This agreement was signed as part of the opening ceremony for the International Research Conference EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP held in Serbia.

The event brought together experts from Italy, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Egypt, Algeria and Russia, the NCFU delegation being represented by Svetlana Zenchenko (Head of the Department for International Cooperation, Professor, Department of Finance and Credit), and Prof. Anna Savtsova (Acting Deputy Director, Institute of Economics and Management).


The conference focused on various issues related to the advanced technologies for distance, electronic, and multilingual education, as well as employment for youth.

After signing the agreement, the two parties also defined the most relevant tools for promoting research and academic cooperation.