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NCFU Enters Agreement with Tishreen University of Syria

Date of material placement: 19-10-2018, 14:22.

North-Caucasus Federal University has signed a cooperation agreement with Tishreen University of Latakia (Syria).

The two institutions are leading academic and research centers in their respective countries, offering high-quality training within a wide range of fields and carrying out numerous basic and applied research projects depending on the relevant needs in their communities.

As Nadezhda Akchurina (Pro-Rector for Administrative Activities, NCFU) said, the next step in the cooperation between NCFU and Tishreen University will imply developing a long-term detailed roadmap including a list of joint strategic projects covering various areas – academic exchange (both teachers and students), joint research and publication, training and retraining of staff to be further involved in recovering the Syrian economy.

Vadim Zaichikov (Head of the Russian Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation /Rossotrudnichestvo/ in Lebanon) noted, in turn, that "the developing cooperation between the Syrian and the Russian universities is aimed at lifting the international blockage from Syrian universities and help this country, which has won the war against international terrorism, as well as prepare competent staff for the country’s further recovery”.

Earlier, the Syrian Minister of Higher Education Atef Naddaf said that the academic show of Russian universities, which was launched in Damascus on Wednesday, would have a good effect in terms of improving the two countries’ relationships in education and culture.

The exhibition of Russian universities was opened in Beirut (Lebanon) on October 11, to be further held in several other major cities. On Wednesday (October 17) the exhibition opened in Damascus (Syria). Thousands of prospective students seeking training in Russia have already visited the exhibition, whereas in Tishreen alone the exhibition attracted 2.5 thousand students and applicants.

RIA Novosti Agency