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Alina Levitskaya Joins Russian Rectors Congress

Date of material placement: 27-04-2018, 14:43.

Alina Levitskaya (Rector, NCFU) joined the XI Congress of the Russian Union of Rectors held in St. Petersburg among about 600 rectors and presidents of Russian universities as well as 50 guests from countries like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Abkhazia, Belarus, Jordan, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Lebanon, Trans-Dniester, Slovenia, South Ossetia, and Japan.

When speaking at the plenary session, Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) noted that Russia has a unique research system, which still needs special measures taken at academic institutions to promote it.

The participants discussed numerous issues concerning developing a common academic space, strategies for technological development, and international projects.

Alina Levitskaya in her speech touched upon the role that universities play in socio-economic development, and pointed that NCFU had already started 19 strategic projects aiming at resolving relevant economic and social issues faced in the region. For instance, together with the local dairy plant Stavropolsky, NCFU is working on developing top-standard lactose, and the project is to relieve Russia from the imported lactose dependence at the same time creating newer jobs in the region. Another issue that NCFU’s researchers helped resolve, was power energy saving – the development by our experts has allowed cutting the power energy loss three times.

Concluding her speech, Alina Levitskaya stated that the entire set of research and academic projects pursued by the university reveal that NCFU has become not only a place offering classical academic services yet also is an arena training a new generation of professionals ready to tackle and potential issue and change thus ensuring innovation-based progress within the region.


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