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Date of material placement: 8-03-2018, 10:00 Category: Information
March 8 – International Women’s Day!
We are happy to congratulate you on the International Women’s Day!You are our, men’s, inspiration and the source of confidence, giving us the strength to be courageous an efficient in our work.

Date of material placement: 6-03-2018, 09:50 Category: Information
Stavropol Hosts National Football Contest
Stavropol is hosting the 8thRussian National Mini-Contest of the National Student Football League 2017-2018. Organizers – Russian Football Union NATIONAL STUDENT FOOTBALL LEAGUE; supporting institutions – Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Education & Science, and North-Caucasus Federal University.

Date of material placement: 1-03-2018, 09:33 Category: Information
Stavropol Hosts Forum
North-Caucasus Federal University is hosting the regional TUTOR forum, which is held to distribute the tutorship practices around the area and improve the tutor’s image.

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