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Developing Cooperation with Lebanon

Date of material placement: 28-02-2018, 14:54.

Alina Levitskaya (Rector, NCFU) and Nadezhda Akchurina (Pro-Rector for Administrative Affairs, NCFU) joined the First Forum of Rectors of the Russian Federation and Arab Universities held in Beirut, Lebanon. The Forum was arranged by the Federation of Russian and Arab Universities Rectors, with Olga Vasilieva (Minister of Education, Russia) and Victor Sadovnichy (Rector of the Lomonosov Moscow State University) attending the event.

The discussion was around promoting cooperation among Russian and Arabic universities, while the participants focused on various tools aimed at carrying out joint research and academic mobility, as well double degrees to be awarded to students from the two regions.

When delivering a speech at the Forum, Alina Levitskaya noted that NCFU is currently offering training to over 25,000 students from 69 areas of Russia and 54 countries. And the share of foreigners in the student body is growing rather fast (it had grown about 8 times by 2017), whereas most of them come to major engineering and natural science. Besides, NCFU has got cooperation agreements with numerous academic institutions from 39 countries and is the only one in the North Caucasus to join the list of 250 best universities in the regional QS BRICS and QS EECA ratings.


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