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NCFU Offers Access to Cambridge Resources

Date of material placement: 9-02-2018, 10:28.

The support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research has helped NCFU get access to the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.
This database was launched in 1965 and has been the world storage for crystalline structures of low molecular weight organic and organometallic compounds.
The database is regularly updated with newer entries introduced, which makes it an important resource for researchers from all over the world. The access is offered in two options – online (from any PC at the NCFU) or offline (takes installation of software). To get the software, please follow the link, and then introduce your E-mail address, login, and password.
To get the login and password, please apply to the Reading Room of NCFU Library (Room 428; 1, Pushkina Street, Stavropol).

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