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Happy Russian Students’ Day!

Date of material placement: 25-01-2018, 10:40.
Happy Russian Students’ Day!

I am happy to wish you a great and happy Russian Students’ Day!

You all – the thousands of students and teachers of the Federal University – you are happy people. Because the fraternity arising in the student years, which is always there, in the university, is one of the most important values ​​in the life.

Dear students! Now you are studying the laws of friendship, the laws of being part of the university family. These unwritten rules will help you in the future – to find a common language with your colleagues, your business partners, the authorities and even with your competitors. Here, in the NCFU, you are enjoying a unique opportunity to learn to understand people of different nationalities, cultures, and faiths, because here we have representatives of almost all parts of the Russian Federation, 56 foreign states, and more than one hundred ethnic groups. And no other University of the North Caucasus can boast of a similar rainbow of colors!

Right now, in your student years, you are laying the foundation of your successful career, so do not waste the time – do it, strive to get knowledge, become real professionals, open up and develop all your talents, be happy, try to bring benefit for your family, your small homeland, and our great Motherland!

I am wishing you a lot of health, faithful friends, peace and harmony in your families, bringing into life all your plans, and may all your top dreams come true!




Alina Levitskaya

Rector, NCFU