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Date of material placement: 25-01-2018, 10:46 Category: Student life
NCFU Students Talk to President
On January 25, the Russian Students’ Day, Vladimir Putin joined the online meeting with the leading universities of Russia talking about the student mobility issues.

Date of material placement: 25-01-2018, 10:40 Category: Student life
Happy Russian Students’ Day!
Happy Russian Students’ Day! Dear students of the North-Caucasus Federal University, Dear Colleagues, I am happy to wish you a great and happy Russian Students’ Day!

Date of material placement: 22-01-2018, 10:36 Category: Information
Students Open World for People with Disabilities
The North-Caucasus Federal University is running THE OPEN WORLD FOR EVERYONE – a project aimed at helping the disabled find employment.

Date of material placement: 19-01-2018, 10:32 Category: Information
Schoolers from Region Lock Horns at Olympiad
The North-Caucasus Federal University hosted the J. Maxwell Physics Olympiad for the best schoolers (7-8 grades) of 2017/2018, and about 50 kids came here from the entire region.

Date of material placement: 18-01-2018, 17:09 Category: Information
NCFU Rector Speaks at Forum
Alina Levitskaya (Rector, NCFU) joined the discussion Theology and Progress held at the forum Russian and the World – Aims and Values.

Date of material placement: 18-01-2018, 17:06 Category: Information
NCFU Students Can Study in Hungary
The Public Foundation of Tempus (Hungary) has announced a new contest for Russian students seeking the Hungarian scholarship within the Stipendium Hungaricum program.

Date of material placement: 16-01-2018, 09:48 Category: University
Four Russian Universities Join World Top 50 Rating
On January 16, the Times Higher Education published the rating of the universities that show the lowest student/teacher ratio. The published rating embraced 100 universities of which 11 were Russian ones.

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