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Date of material placement: 9-06-2017, 18:10 Category: University
Development of strategic cooperation with the University of Ljubljana
The North-Caucasus Federal University has a new international partner – the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). Roadmaps on cooperation in 7 subject areas were signed between the universities.

Date of material placement: 9-06-2017, 11:14 Category: Information
Expert of Business School of Cambridge University Teaches Entrepreneurship at NCFU
The North Caucasus Federal University hosted a cycle of classes delivered by Vadim Strielkovsky – a Czech citizen, director of the Prague Institute for Advanced Studies, and a research fellow at the business School of Cambridge University.

Date of material placement: 9-06-2017, 11:11 Category: ---
Congratulations from rector of NCFU
I am happy to congratulate you on the Day of Russia!