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Congratulations on Victory Day from Alina Levitskaya, Rector of NCFU

Date of material placement: 5-05-2017, 09:56.

I am sincerely happy to congratulate you on this sacred day for each us – the victory in the Great Patriotic war.

This national fight against fascism for our independence and for the freedom of entire Europe and the world from the fascism has immortalized the names of our parents and grandparents – those who went to the war of 1941-1945.

The lessons of the greatest patriotism were taught to us by those who worked day and night in the rear area – women, the old and the young – all those who saved no life to help the Army and come to the Victory.

Today the heirs of the winners are responsible for keeping the memory of this heroism in their children’s and grandchildren’s minds. This memory brings us all together in the powerful march of the Immortal Regiment as long as it gives us the feeling of belonging to our Great Russian Power!

Let us maintain and enforce the power of our Motherland with our deeds, perfect academic achievements, scientific discoveries, creativity, our civil stance and stronger friendship among all our peoples!

I am wishing a lot of good luck, prosperity and peace to you!

And I am bowing my head to you, dear veterans!

Let those who perished in that war stay forever in our memory!

Enjoy this Great Victory Day!

Alina Levitskaya


North-Caucasus Federal University