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Date of material placement: 22-03-2017, 10:44 Category: Information
NCFU Hosts Internet-Olympiad
NCFU hosted the final tour of the Open International Internet-Olympiad for students within three subjects – Maths, Chemistry, and Physics.

Date of material placement: 20-03-2017, 10:39 Category: Information
NCFU Students Winners in Debate-Stage of Russian Contest
The nomination of the Debate at the final stage of the Russian Student Olympiad in English was won by NCFU students – Mikhail Grazhdankin, Ivan Maslennikov, and Nicolai Shirayev (Institute for Information Technologies & Telecommunications).

Date of material placement: 20-03-2017, 10:36 Category: Information
The Geographic Club LEARN RUSSIA, TELL ABOUT YOR COUNTRY has become a perfect place for cultural exchange and dialogue attracting more and more students.

Date of material placement: 20-03-2017, 10:32 Category: Information
Professor Christo Kaftandjiev Attends Talk Show PERSONA
NCFU students of majoring in various fields had a chance to meet, communicate, and ask for an autograph from Christo Kaftandjiev, a world famous Professor of Sofia University.

Date of material placement: 17-03-2017, 10:39 Category: Information
Inclusive Education Goes Further in NCFU
North-Caucasus Federal University is actively promoting conditions required for students with disabilities to successfully pursue their studies, which is an important area within the focus here.

Date of material placement: 13-03-2017, 10:40 Category: Student life
NCFU Launches Student Spring
NCFU has started the first stage of the Russian National Festival RUSSIAN STUDENT SPRING-2017, which was opened with the contest program SEASONS OF THE YEAR by students of the Institute of Economics & Management.

Date of material placement: 7-03-2017, 10:29 Category: Information
Professor of Chicago Tells Students About Psychological Assistance in USA
NCFU hosted a cycle of lectures delivered online by Professor Ramsey Dudzinksi of the National Louis University (Chicago, USA).