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NCFU Rector Wins High Award

Date of material placement: 27-03-2017, 09:31.

NCFU Rector Wins High Award

Alina Levitskaya, (Rector, NCFU), has been awarded the National Award FOR CONTRIBUTION in THE RUSSIAN CULTURE.

The winners of the Russian National Award THE BEST BOOKS AND PUBLISHERS-2016 were assembled in the Russian State Library. The award was established in 2000 by the Russian Biography Institute, the Literature Newspaper, the Russian State Library and the culture & education center ORDEN. The award embraces 15 nominations, such as Fiction Literature, Encyclopedias, Medicine, Media-Projects, Magazines, Military History, etc.

This year the award FOR CONTRIBUTION in THE RUSSIAN CULTURE was granted for creative contribution I the development of the Russian culture and arts as well as for enhancing international culture relationships. This year the Expert Council of the Russian Biography Institute awarded Alina Levitskaya who is the Rector of NCFU and is full Professor at the Department for the Russian Language (Institute of Humanities), Candidate of Science in Philology, and a member of the Presidential Council for the Russian Language.

Along with NCFU Rector, several outstanding people were awarded for Contribution in the Russian Culture.

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