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Inclusive Education Goes Further in NCFU

Date of material placement: 17-03-2017, 10:39.

North-Caucasus Federal University is actively promoting conditions required for students with disabilities to successfully pursue their studies, which is an important area within the focus here. For this purpose each institute has got a person responsible for the respective area of development who held a special meeting. The results achieved so far are impressive as today NCFU is offering training to 185 people with disabilities, which about double the number observed three years ago. Besides, as Natalia Borozinets (Head of Dept for Defectology Studies) said, there are various special training programs are being developed and special seats in classrooms are being planned for students challenged in various health areas.

Now that there are special persons appointed in each institute of NCFU, the work stands every chance to go on more productive and efficient.


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Inclusive Education Goes Further in NCFUInclusive Education Goes Further in NCFU