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Date of material placement: 6-03-2017, 09:57 Category: Information
Future Economist Becomes Miss NCFU
NCFU held a contest to select the most beautiful girl – Miss NCFU- 2017. While the contestants of all the institutes including foreign students, performed on stage putting their best feet forward the audience went more than wild with numerous songs, short verses and posters to support their favorite.

Date of material placement: 6-03-2017, 09:49 Category: Information
Silver and Two Bronzes from Worldskills Russia Go to NCFU
The Open Regional Contest Worldskills Russia brought more than one prize to the students of the Faculty for Tourism, Service & Food Technology of NCFU.

Date of material placement: 6-03-2017, 09:42 Category: Information
Career Guidance Marathon Is On
NCFU held the Open Doors Day as a video-conference employing the WebEX system for students undergoing training at various academic institutions of the North Caucasus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Date of material placement: 6-03-2017, 09:40 Category: Information
NCFU Students Join the Arctic Day
Visitors to the E-reading room at the NCFU Scientific Library joined the Arctic Day – a popular project held by the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.