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NCFU Rector Speaks Live

Date of material placement: 22-02-2017, 09:49.

On the International Day of the Russian Language, Alina Levitskay (Rector, NCFU) was invited to the TV Program SPEAKING LIVE where she told the audience about the Russian language, its unique nature, a lowering level of communication culture, and need for public support to maintaining the language in a multicultural country.


Day of Mother Tongue

Words from NCFU Rector


Dear Colleagues, Teachers and Students!

I am happy to congratulate you on the International Day of Mother Tongue!


For NCFU this day is of special value as our University is a site for interethnic communication in a poly-cultural region. We have students now representing over 150 ethnic groups; 24,000 students come from 69 areas of Russia while about another 1,500 students have come from 53 countries from all over the world. They all value their history and culture, which is passed through generations based on their respective languages – the basis for any national culture.

And, of course, as we celebrate the Day of the Mother Tongue we should mention the special role of the Russian language – the language for common interaction. This language offers us a chance to touch one of the greatest cultural values in the world, and for many of us who reside in Russia this is our second mother tongue.

NCFU has created all the conditions to instill in each student pride for their cultural heritage and for being Russian citizens, and our students can see themselves the harmony of the entire kaleidoscope of various cultures living together. Through preserving mother tongue people contribute  to maintaining the variety thus enhancing the basis for respect to be shown to other cultures.

Language is a link between people and history. Enjoy loving your mother tongue as a precious gift awarded from your ancestors. We, together, are mankind, and it will be much smaller and poorer if one of us is not there.


Dear Colleagues, Teachers and Students!

Dear Strongest Part of the Humanity!

We are happy to congratulate on this day – February 23rd, the Fatherland Defender’s Day!

In all peoples of the world strong warriors that protected their homeland were heroes that entered legends and stories. Patriotism, strength and courage as well as reliability and readiness to sacrifice one’s own life have always been the highest virtues for those who choose to protect their Fatherland.

Many heroes of this day create new knowledge and teach youngsters in the walls of our university while others master the military art thus contributing to Russia’s strength and invincibility.

True defenders are the best support for their country, families and their closest ones.

We are happy to wish all the heroes a lot of health, intellectual and physical power, noble ideas and success!

May you never have to take up arms! And may your heroic deeds make the history of science and education rather than the history of military battles!

Good Luck to you, dear defenders of our Fatherland, lots of success to you and a peaceful sky over your heads!

Rector’s Office