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NCFU Celebrates Carnival and Day of Mother Tongue

Date of material placement: 21-02-2017, 09:46.

Students of NCFU had a lot of fun saying farewell to Winter and welcoming Spring. This year Carnival coincided in time with the Day of the Mother Tongue.

The big fun started outside the University where each of the NCFU Institutes presented their tables full of eats and treats – cookies, pancakes with various fillers and homemade jam, which must have given the Jury a tough time as they had to select the best and yummiest of the tables. However the Jury was good indeed and rightfully awarded the top prize to the food cooked by the Institute of Oil and Gas.

Carnival can never be imagined without sports contest and this time boys were given a chance to show their real power lifting kettle-bells where the Institute of Law proved the strongest.

Besides, this is where the poetry contest was held as well where the contestants recited poetry in their mother tongues – Ukrainian, Greek, Persian, Kalmyk, Russian, Turkmen, etc. This was real feast for the ear and the audience could enjoy the real beauty of each language. All the performances were recorded with the best ones to be displayed in the NCFU’s interactive sites and accounts in social networks.

All in all there were 20 performances delivered both by students and the teachers. The event was especially valuable as recently there was held a meeting of the working group for the Society of the Russian Speech.

The tradition to celebrate the Day of the Mother Tongue has always been part of the NCFU life, however, this time in view of the meeting this celebration proved especially significant.





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