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Career Guidance Testing to Help Graduates

Date of material placement: 24-01-2017, 11:35.

All students of NCFU now shall have access to comprehensive testing to help them find the field and position where they would enjoy most demand and be successful.

The Center for Student career Guidance offers free weekly counseling to detect the areas within economy that meet the nominee’s expectations best.

This program (ProfCareer) includes computer testing and counseling concerning building one’s career. The testing is held in Room 123, Building 2 (# 1, Pushkina Street, each Wednesday, 9:00 – 13:00 and takes 1.5–2 hours (60-90 minutes of testing and another 30-60 minutes of counseling).

Based on the outcome the students shall get a list of potential positions available at the current labor market that are the best in view of the applicant’s respective aptitudes and expectations. The counseling is held in order to make up a priority of the positions while some of them may be taken off the list. Besides, the counseling expert shall also take into account the personal features thus offering some advice on how to employ one’s both weak and strong personality points. For any questions regarding the testing, please contact the Center for Employment and Career Guidance (9, Morozova Street / Building 3; Office 118; Tel: 8(8652)33-06-65).