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Date of material placement: 31-01-2017, 09:53 Category: Information
XIX International Festival of Youth and Students
October 14-22, 2017 the City of Sochi will host the XIX International Festival of Youth and Students the purpose of that being instilling in the youth the ideas of justice and improving international connections.

Date of material placement: 30-01-2017, 09:45 Category: University
University Top Management Meets Members of Foreign Students Association
North-Caucasus Federal University’s top management held a meeting with foreign students, which was the first in 2017. Dmitry Sumskoy (First Pro-Rector) and Valentin Shipulin (Pro-Rector for Avcademic Activities) met students in an informal setting at a table full of various delicious meals representing the world – Middle Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Date of material placement: 27-01-2017, 11:51 Category: Information
Master Course Training in Far Eastern Federal University
As part of the measures aiming at developing human resources in the Far East and in order to attract labor force, the Far Eastern Federal University has announced a call for Bachelors of NCFU to join the Master Course training in 2017-2018.

Date of material placement: 26-01-2017, 11:49 Category: Information
Academic Council Awards
NCFU held another meeting of the Academic Council, which started with delivering awards to the best students and teachers for their outstanding academic and other achievements.

Date of material placement: 26-01-2017, 11:44 Category: ---
Students’ Day – Huge Success
North-Caucasus Federal University had a great event celebrating the Russian Nation al Students’ Day.

Date of material placement: 25-01-2017, 11:42 Category: Student life
Students’ Day – Congratulations from Rector of NCFU
Dear Students of North-Caucasus Federal University! Dear Colleagues!

Date of material placement: 24-01-2017, 11:35 Category: Information
Career Guidance Testing to Help Graduates
All students of NCFU now shall have access to comprehensive testing to help them find the field and position where they would enjoy most demand and be successful. The Center for Student career Guidance offers free weekly counseling to detect the areas within economy that meet the nominee’s expectations best.

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