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Technical Tour to Georgia

Date of material placement: 7-11-2016, 10:39.

Experts of the Center for Biotechnological Engineering (CBE; NCFU) joined the technical tour to study the specific features of the dairy market of Georgia in order to find potential partners. All in all about 30 dairy enterprises from Russia joined the tour.

The CBE experts had a meeting with members of the national Agency for Food at Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia where they discussed various issues related to food supply and dairy product safety regulations, and this is where Prof. Ivan Evdokimov (Chief  Expert, CBE) delivered his speech focusing on the academic and research activities of Institute for Life Science. Mention to be made that Georgia has no higher educational institutions offering training for dairy technologists, whereas milk production in Georgia mostly includes small- and mid-scale farms, which explains relatively low milk yield (ab. 1,800 l/year).

Valida Akhmedova, CBE, NCFU

Technical Tour to GeorgiaTechnical Tour to Georgia