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First Pro-Rector Meets Students

Date of material placement: 19-09-2016, 09:38.

Dmitry Sumskoy (First Pro-Rector, NCFU) held a meeting with students of Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering. The audience had a variety of questions about the studies and students’ life in general. However, the meeting started with the motto that the students asked Mr. Sumskoy to quote as his leading one. And here First Pro-Rector referred to THE TWO CAPTAINS – a well-known Russian novel, where the motto runs as FIGHT AND SEARCH, FIND AND NEVER GIVE UP.

Dmitry Sumskoy told about his youth where he had to go to a Physics & Maths school at the same time attending music and English classes, while the trip took over an hour. And this was when he learnt planning his time down to the minutest detail. When speaking of the skills that promote career building he said that the learning skill was key here: "Getting a degree certificate will not guarantee for the rest of your life. I got mine in 1998. Yet the legislation has changed completely since then”, - Mr. Sumskoy was quoted as saying.

Other issues discussed went around the catering in the NCFU’s cafes, starting military department at NCFU as well as various events including those for foreign students.

When answering the last question, Mr. Sumskoy said that NCFU is currently giving training to 1,542 foreign students from 58 countries with 160 subjects delivered in English. However, this is not enough as NCFU is striving to reach a level of training matching the best European practices. And one of the tools here is network Master’s training, which is a unique project run by the federal universities.

As for opening the military department, he said that it would be started in September 2017. However, the enrollment will be limited – 100 persons out of 14,575 students (both boys and girls). This limit is due to the task set by the Ministry of Defense – select the best of the best.

The youngsters were carried away with the advice they got from the wise person, and in end they asked him to hold such meetings more and more often, giving him a souvenir – a constructor’s helmet.

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First Pro-Rector Meets StudentsFirst Pro-Rector Meets StudentsFirst Pro-Rector Meets StudentsFirst Pro-Rector Meets Students