Award for Hero

Date of material placement: 16-05-2016, 10:57.
Award for Hero

Alexander Verisokin (Post-graduate student, Institute of Oil and Gas) was given an award for his heroic deed at a fire.

In the night of April 15, 2016, a fire started in an apartment block in Stavropol, while Alexander and a few others saw. The volunteers together had taken out of the fire a few people, after which Alexander had helped the fire-fighters, and then felt unwell due to intoxication with the smoke and was hospitalized.

-Rector’s Office of NCFU decided to award the hero a letter of thanks and also to give him a special financial reward, but the most valuable part here is not the reward yet the pride that we can take in our student. Thank you for the courage and heroism, - Dmitry Sumskoy, First Pro-Rector of NCFU was quoted as saying.

Besides, Alexander’s courage was noted at a meeting held in the Stavropol Town Hall where Andrey Dzhatdoev (Head of Stavropol) said that but for Alexander’s deed everything might have had some sad consequences. After that Mr. Dzhatdoev delivered Alexander a special letter of thanks and a gift.