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Date of material placement: 14-03-2016, 16:24 Category: University
Final Stage of Russian National Olympiad LOMONOSOV
North-Caucasus Federal University hosted the final round of the Russian National Olympiad for Schoolers on History, organized by the Lomonosov Moscow State University, whereas NCFU acted as a partner-organizer. 

Date of material placement: 14-03-2016, 16:22 Category: University
NCFU Rector at Meeting of Public Council for North Caucasus
Alina Levitskaya, Rector of NCFU, joined the first meeting of the Public Council at the Russian Ministry for North Caucasus held in the City of Essentuky, Russia.

Date of material placement: 14-03-2016, 16:21 Category: University
NCFU’S Professor at International Forum in Moscow
Ivan Evdokmov, Professor of NCFU, joined theXIVInternational Forum Dairy & Meat-Processing Industry held in Moscow, Russia.