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Greetings from Minister of Education & Science

Date of material placement: 8-02-2016, 15:57.

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation as well as on my own behalf, I am happy to express you my best words on this Day of Russian Science!

On this great day I am taking this auspicious occasion to thank you for the everyday thorough work, for those unique projects and works, which become the epitome of the Russian Science.

The scale of the ideas and the courageous experiments, as well as unusual approaches and challenging the impossible – all these things result in an outcome that can hardly be overestimated.

With your discoveries you are enriching not only the Russian Science yet the entire global thought. Thanks to you we witness the creation of new knowledge and opportunities opening for various areas of the national economy, together with newer top standards being set for the national education.

I would also make a special note of the positive dynamics in the increasing number of scientists in Russia as well as more and more young people being involved in research activities, while the Universities are becoming important sites for scientific activities.
I believe that with such a solid fundament the Russian is bound to be always moving ahead.

I am happy to wish you all health, success, eternal energy, and new discoveries!

Dmitry Livanov