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Day of Russian Science

Date of material placement: 8-02-2016, 15:55.

Dear Colleagues, Teachers, and Students of North-Caucasus Federal University,

I am happy to congratulate on this Day of Russian Science!

Your effort and talent have turned NCFU into the leading scientific and research center in the North Caucasus. Many unique developments designed in our scientific schools have become a significant contribution not into the Russian treasury of knowledge, yet they contributed greatly to the international science. Day after day the NCFU scientists have more and more significant impact on the regional economy, and our graduates have found top-rate employment both in our region and enjoy high demand in the labor market and far beyond it.

Scientific activity has become part of our training, which allows more and more youngsters to be involved in research at the same time setting the academic standards for the entire region.

Federal Universities are developing a solid basis for the progress of the Russian Science, creating new ideas and bringing out newer generations of researchers seeking further improvement of this knowledge.

We are happy to wish you a lot of health, new bright ideas, talented successors and followers.

Rector’s Office