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Rector of NCFU Delivered Speech at Forum

Date of material placement: 20-01-2016, 10:57.

Alina Levitskaya, Rector of NCFU, joined the Gaidar Forum-2016 that was held in Moscow at the Russian Academy for Public Economy.

This Forum named after the outstanding Russian economist Egor Gaidar, is a unique arena bringing together experts in theory and practice as well as the leading world scholars and business people. The leading topic for discussion here focuses on the strategic role that Russia plays in the world, as well as on maintaining a continuous dialogue among the leading experts in economics.

This year’s event was headed Russia and the World: Look into the Future, and the opening speech was delivered by Dmitry Medvedev. All in total the Forum hosted 79 discussions and 622 expert speeches covering a wide range of issues.

Alina Levitskaya joined the panel discussion Staff for New Economy: South-East Vector. In her speech, Rector of NCFU noted that the youth population in the North Caucasus is the highest in Russia - 26,8% (22,8 – average in Russia). Yet, the share of youngsters studying in various educational institutions is the lowest, which results in high rates of unemployment, even though this is an issue faced in many areas of Russia.

The idea expressed by Alina Levitskaya implies establishing a so-called preference center in each leading University of Russia. NCFU has already got such a center involved in training experts in the area of hospitality business & hotel management, so there is some experience to share.

- Following the strategic development program, we have identified the major professional competences for future professionals in the area as well as we reviewed the training standards that are used currently. Besides, we also studied the experience of the leading hotel management schools of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Great Britain and refereed our teachers to those where they have undergone training. Following that we redesigned our training and have signed agreements with the world’s leading universities. This practice has shown that the measures we have taken have already yielded excellent outcomes, so we are looking forward to establishing cooperation networks with other universities; - Alina Levitskaya was quoted as saying.

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