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Date of material placement: 29-01-2016, 09:36 Category: University
Teacher of the Year – Second Stage
North-Caucasus Federal University hosted the second stage of the contest Teacher of the Year where four students that had scored most for their first task presented their essays titled Teacher’s Role in Developing Staff for Modern Russia.

Date of material placement: 29-01-2016, 09:00 Category: University
Teacher of the Year-2016 Launched at NCFU
To Teach and to Learn! – This was the motto for the Teacher of the Year-2016 contest (University stage, Step into Profession) that was launched at NCFU. 

Date of material placement: 28-01-2016, 09:32 Category: University
North Caucasus to Have Its Own Hospitality School
The School for Caucasian Hospitality is to be launched on the premises of Institute for Service, Tourism & Design (NCFU, Pyatigorsk). 

Date of material placement: 26-01-2016, 14:36 Category: University
Meeting with President’s Aid
Andrey Fursenko, Aid of Russian President for educational policy, had a meeting with NCFU students. 

Date of material placement: 25-01-2016, 14:38 Category: University
NCFU Administration at All-Russian People’s Front
Alina Levitskaya (Rector, NCFU) and Dmitry Sumskoy (First Pro-Rector, NCFU) joined the regional forum of the All-Russian People’s Front held in Stavropol.

Date of material placement: 25-01-2016, 14:35 Category: University
Vladimir Putin Visited NCFU
January 25, 2016, on the Day of Russian Students, President of Russia Vladimir Putin visited North-Caucasus Federal University.

Date of material placement: 20-01-2016, 10:57 Category: University
Rector of NCFU Delivered Speech at Forum
Alina Levitskaya, Rector of NCFU, joined the Gaidar Forum-2016 that was held in Moscow at the Russian Academy for Public Economy.

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