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NCFU Student Wins Solzhenitsyn Scholarship

Date of material placement: 25-11-2015, 10:26.

Anastasia Sukhovaya (4th year student, Institute of Humanities, NCFU) has been awarded Solzhenitsyn personal scholarship thus becoming one of the top 10 Russian students.

The award is granted to students who reveal outstanding achievement in Literature, Political Studies, and Journalism, while al the applicants have to undergo a strict process of selection.

Anastasia majors in Journalism and for several years she has been involved in infotainent in the regional television, also cooperating with the local radio-broadcasting companies. She was preparing thoroughly for the contest yet was surprised to get the news:

– Truly speaking, I did not hope to win, so much time had passed since I submitted my application. But when I was informed I became one of the ten lucky winners, I was happy indeed. This is a prize to be proud of, the winner student was quoted a saying.

Despite the high award now in her possession, Anastasia is not going to stop here, and plans to win even more scientific and professional prizes.