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Congratulations from Rector of NCFU Alina Levitskaya

Date of material placement: 1-09-2015, 10:55.
Dear Students,

I am happy to congratulate all of you on the start of this academic year, all of you – those who have just got their student IDs and those who have been part of our large NCFU family for more than a year! I am sure that as we are entering this new academic year we want a lot and, most importantly, to expand our knowledge and our capacity. I am sure this year will be full of interesting events, meetings, and discoveries because our University offers unique opportunities in academic, scientific, and cultural areas, which leads to the development of future professionals, leaders, patriots who can contribute a lot to all the spheres of human activity. We believe that each of you, as soon as you get your degrees, will do your best to make our homeland even stronger, just like making your families, Stavropol, North Caucasus, and Russia even more prosperous!


Administration and the teaching staff of North-Caucasus Federal University do their best to implement the strategic development program thus turning our University into the leading scientific, academic, and innovation center of our region, and the years spent here shall remain the brightest pages that you will remember through your life forever!


Good Luck on this way!