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NCFU Student Received Training in Norway

Date of material placement: 20-07-2015, 11:10.
Svetlana Abdullaeva, Assistant Lecturer, Dept for Geophysical Methods, Search and Exploration of Mineral Deposits underwent training at the University of Stavanger (Norway). Svetlana had to win a contest held at NCFU, which allowed her travelling abroad to perfect her skills in one of the largest academic centres offering training in the area of Oil and Gas.

For six months Svetlana was studying two optional courses, which was far from an easy task. Training in Norway is highly automated and even home-task is E-mailed to students. The lectures delivered face-to-face were held in English, while exams included various tests and comparative analyses.

Despite the tight academic schedule, Svetlana was able to attend various events held for students and see some places of interest. Upon successful completion of the semester she passed all the exams and was awarded a certificate.

- I am grateful to NCFU for the chance to received training in an extremely beautiful country. And this was great experience and a perfect chance to improve my language skills and to meet many interesting people. I both enjoyed the stay there and learnt a lot of new approaches to my work, so now I will implement the newly gained skills in my class, - Svetlana was quoted as saying while sharing her impressions.

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NCFU Student Received Training in Norway