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NCFU Professor Earns High Award

Date of material placement: 13-07-2015, 11:02.

Prof. Alexander Voronin (Dept for Heat and Gas Supply and Expert Review of Property; Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering, NCFU) was awarded Mikhail Lomonosov Medal. The high award came from the Russian Academy of Natural History and an acknowledgment of the contribution made by the Professor into education and science.

The major criteria applied to the applicants include professionalism and systemic integrated activity aiming at continuous improvement of scientific and educational products.

Prof. Voronin has been teaching at NCFU for over 35 years now and has many awards including Honorary Employee of Professional Education, Honorary Employee of Science and Education, and Vernadsky Medal.

I am happy to get this high praise to my work, which is coming from the Russian Academy of Natural History this time. The science of heat is an extremely interesting area. For laymen this is a subject about boilers, turbines, and heat cycles. Sounds pragmatic yet boring. However, while dealing with heat we have touched upon one more thing – energy, which is one of the most important substances in the Universe. Energy has always existed and will always exist. This is the first rule of thermal dynamics. And if there is energy them there is substance, they are inseparable. This brings heat to a whole new level – philosophical, - Prof. Voronin was quoted as saying.

NCFU Professor Earns High Award