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NCFU Increasing Cooperation with International Schools in Tourism

Date of material placement: 13-07-2015, 10:56.
This year NCFU representatives of the Institute for Service, Tourism & Design (NCFU Branch, Pyatigorsk) visited Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Spain, Greece, Armenia, and Turkey. All the trips were part of European projects aiming at intensifying mobility among academia and students.

Consumer service and tourism remain the major area for international cooperation for the Pyatigorsk Institute for Service, Tourism & Design, and its best students visited the most popular in Russia destinations – Turkey, UAE, and Greece, where they could get to know the most advanced professional technologies and principles to further implement those in their professional activities when back home.

Besides, as part of the Cooperation Agreement signed between NCFU and Hotel School The Hague (the Netherlands), several teachers of the Faculty for Tourism, Service, and Food technologies received training in the Hague, where they could see the major principles of the European education as well as got to know the structure and the content of the degree programmes offered at the Hotel School The Hague. The results of the training are the newly developed training courses now available in English at NCFU.

2nd-4th-year students of the NCFU Branch in Pyatigorsk joined the exchange programme Mevlana Programm and spent a semester in Gaziantep (Turkey) perfecting their skills in food technologies, tourism, and hotel management.

Under the same programme an NCFU delegation visited the University in Turkey with numerous meetings and talks held between the leading experts in the area of tourism and hotel management. The teachers of NCFU delivered to the students of Gaziantep special lectures on the tourism in Russia and on food engineering, also performing at two master-classes sharing the secrets of the Russian cuisine.

Several students of the partner-university from Turkey studied at NCFU. Besides, one of the visitors from Turkey was Ibrahim Giritlioglu, Doctor of Professional School of Tourism and Hotel Management (University of Gaziantep). Mr. Giritlioglu delivered a course of lectures to students and had talks with the management focusing on expanded cooperation between the two Universities.

Another trip within the Programme for NCFU strategic development was training received by Irina Ogarkova (Associate Professor, Dept for Service, Tourism, and Recreation) at the University of Barcelona (Spain). The results of the training will be reflected in newly developing programmes and methodological materials to be further used for training and re-training young experts in the area of tourism.

Yet one more event demonstrating the expansion of international cooperation pursued by NCFU is a visit to the School for Higher Education in Glion (Switzerland). This School is one of the European leaders in the area of hospitality, which is always focused on introducing the most advanced technologies into training.

Apart from tourism, the North Caucasus needs qualified lawyers, economists, engineers, and many other experts, and this is why NCFU is running numerous activities inviting foreign experts and arranging trips and training courses abroad for its employees.

While tourist business is important yet this is not the only area of cooperation with foreign schools. The teachers of Institute for Service, Tourism, and Design visited Great Britain, which was aimed at improving their command of English as well as newer methods of teaching English. The training they received was offered at Regent Oxford, which is one of the most acknowledged language agencies of the United Kingdom, in one of the universities of York while the training itself implied study of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

Integration of NCFU into the Rusisan and international educational area is one of the key tasks for the NCFU development. Given that, experience exchange between Russian and foreign colleagues is a top priority for NCFU and Institute for Service, Tourism, and Design in particular.

Armina Airapetyan

NCFU Increasing Cooperation with International Schools in TourismNCFU Increasing Cooperation with International Schools in TourismNCFU Increasing Cooperation with International Schools in TourismNCFU Increasing Cooperation with International Schools in Tourism