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NCFU Embarking on Its Second Stage of Progress

Date of material placement: 1-07-2015, 14:22.
Alina Levitskaya (Rector, NCFU) delivered a speech at a meeting of the Academic Council. The focus of the speech was North-Caucasus Federal University – Performance in 2014 году: Results, Issues, Objectives for 2015.

The special guests attending the meeting were Sergey Ushakov (Chief Federal Inspector for Stavropol Region) and Vladimir Trukhachev (Rector, Stavropol State Agrarian University /SSAU/; Chair of Union of Rectors for Stavropol Region).

Alina Levitskaya pointed that in 2014 NCFU finished its first stage of development, which brought in its wake new academic and scientific structures while the training is delivered within three degrees – Bachelor’s, Specialist, and Master’s. NCFU also can boast of a successfully functioning Student Government body.

Of the 22 criteria of the Strategic Development Programme (2012-2014) 21 were met or even exceeded, which is basis for the next stage of developing (2015-2018).

On September 1, 2014 NCFU opened its doors to 25,618 students, which is 20% above the limited indicated in the Strategic Development Programme.

27 out of 255 academic fields got awards as the Best Degree Programmes in Russia (2013 – 16 out of 164).

Besides, in 2014 NCFU successfully completed its accreditation for 197 degree programmes.

The status of our Federal University is high, which can be seen from the highly competent body of teachers – over40 of the NCFU employees are full members of various methodological and academic unions and councils. NCFU itself was recognized as a serious player and got membership in 11 academic associations including European University Association and Eurasian Universities Association, etc.

- However, this is not enough, and we went through public-professional accreditation, which even tougher than the public one, - Alina Levitskaya was quoted as saying.

There was a lot of more positive statistics regarding the awards and recognition won both by the University and its students, and more speeches delivered by Directors of the NCFU Universities, followed with a discussion and conclusions supported unanimously by the Academic Council.

Vladimir Trukhachev, in turn, proposed some projects that could be done jointly, and which are up to two universities of our region only – NCFU and SSAU

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NCFU Embarking on Its Second Stage of ProgressNCFU Embarking on Its Second Stage of ProgressNCFU Embarking on Its Second Stage of ProgressNCFU Embarking on Its Second Stage of Progress