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Social Entrepreneurship Course delivered by German Professor

Date of material placement: 10-06-2015, 14:58.
Professor Volker Then, Managing Director of the Centre for SocialInvestment (Heidelberg, Germany) is delivering lectures at NCFU. This course was arranged within Theory for Organization and Strategy of Management in Non-Profit Sector of the International Master’s Degree Programme MANAGEMENT IN NON-PROFIT SECTOR (39.04.01 Sociology), while a month before Volker Then delivered his classes online.

The purpose of this project is to contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship in the Stavropol Region. Experts say that in our region there is an obvious lack of motivation entrepreneur activates, while Germany has accumulated huge experience in the area.

The group of Master’s students attending Mr. Then’s classes is not large as one of the conditions for participation was perfect command of English. However, the group is expected to double as there are plans to launch a training course for German-speaking business people – a two-year bilingual course, which should end with a certificate of the University of Heidelberg.

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