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NCFU Scientist Back from US

Date of material placement: 10-06-2015, 14:57.
Yulia Melnik (Director, Service Centre for Social Education and Social Rehabilitation Services, Institute of Education and Social Sciences, NCFU) returned back to Russia after spending two semesters at Indiana University (USA) delivering lectures. Yulia was the only Russian lecturer who won a grant in Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, 2014.

It had taken about a year for her application to be approved, after which she was invited as a visiting lecturer telling American students about urgent issues within several disciplines including Inclusive Education, Universal Tourism, Disability in Multicultural Context, History of Social Perception of Disability.

When back, Yulia met her Russian colleagues sharing her impressions regarding specific issues of teaching in USA.

Besides, while in the US, Yulia was invited to Alabama to join a seminar on democracy and human rights, as well as numerous meetings and various events.

After her trip, which was about a year-long, Yulia brought professional literature and now she is happy to share her newly gained experience with all her colleagues.

Viktoria Khvorostyanova

Department for Information and Public Relations

NCFU Scientist Back from USNCFU Scientist Back from USNCFU Scientist Back from USNCFU Scientist Back from US