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Congratulations on Russia’s Day

Date of material placement: 10-06-2015, 15:08.


Dear Students, Teachers, and all People of North-Caucasus Federal University! We are happy to congratulate on this national holiday – Russia’s Day!

This holiday, as President Putin said, "…is a count of our new history. The history of a democratic state based on the principles of civil freedoms and reign of Law. And the major meaning here is success and well-being for our citizens”.

Unity of all the peoples of Russia is the key to great and thriving country. Our country is a great power, and its rich history will give us the strength to over any difficulty. We3 will follow in the footsteps of our forefathers, and we will be together building a great future for our country, teaching this to our children!

Rector’s Office

North-Caucasus Federal University