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Date of material placement: 10-06-2015, 15:08 Category: University
Congratulations on Russia’s Day
Dear Students, Teachers, and all People of North-Caucasus Federal University! We are happy to congratulate on this national holiday – Russia’s Day!

Date of material placement: 10-06-2015, 14:58 Category: University
Social Entrepreneurship Course delivered by German Professor
Professor Volker Then, Managing Director of the Centre for SocialInvestment (Heidelberg, Germany) is delivering lectures at NCFU.

Date of material placement: 10-06-2015, 14:57 Category: University
NCFU Scientist Back from US
Yulia Melnik (Director, Service Centre for Social Education and Social Rehabilitation Services, Institute of Education and Social Sciences, NCFU) returned back to Russia after spending two semesters at Indiana University (USA) delivering lectures.

Date of material placement: 10-06-2015, 14:47 Category: University
Alina Levitskaya: “No Day without Good Prose”
Alina Levitskaya, Rector of NCFU, joined the TV programme 10 MINUTES ABOUT THE IMPORTANT (REN TV – Stavropol Channel). The issue focused on the Day of the Russian Language