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NCFU Establishes Links with Morocco

Date of material placement: 15-05-2015, 10:26.
Tatyana Bondar (Director, Institute of Life Science) and Evgeny Rusanov (Deputy Head, Centre for International Development) visited Morocco’s MohammedVUniversity (Rabat, Morocco). The NCFU delegates discussed with their colleagues potential cooperation and joint projects including student and staff exchange.

Besides, the NCFU representatives attended the XXIV International Educational Exhibition held at the Centre Foire International in Casablanca. This is an exhibition bringing together both public and private universities from all over the world, and this year the number of participants was over 100,000.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kingdom of Morocco Mrs. Sumia Benhaldun as well as Secretary General of the Ministry of National Education of the Kingdom of Morocco Mr. Hassan Qasimi attended the opening ceremony. Other attendees were Avbakar Nutsalov (Director General of RACUS organization), Vasily Chechin (Counselor of the Embassy of Russia in Morocco, Director of the Cultural Center of Russia in Rabat), Andrey Tsybenko (Consul General of Russia in Casablanca).

The presence of the NCFU delegation together with RACUS at such an event makes the Russian higher education more popular and improves the image of Russian universities in the education market of Morocco.

The exhibition showed that potential applicants of Morocco took a lot of interest in the degrees offered at North-Caucasus Federal University.

NCFU Establishes Links with MoroccoNCFU Establishes Links with MoroccoNCFU Establishes Links with MoroccoNCFU Establishes Links with Morocco