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Date of material placement: 15-05-2015, 10:26 Category: University
NCFU Establishes Links with Morocco
Tatyana Bondar (Director, Institute of Life Science) and Evgeny Rusanov (Deputy Head, Centre for International Development) visited Morocco’s MohammedVUniversity (Rabat, Morocco). The NCFU delegates discussed with their colleagues potential cooperation and joint projects including student and staff exchange.

Date of material placement: 15-05-2015, 10:08 Category: University
NCFU Teachers Trained at Hotel School the Hague
Natalia Limareva and Veniamin Malakhov (teachers, Faculty for Tourism, Service, and Food Technology, Institute for Service, Tourism, and Design) have finished their first stage of training at Hotel School the Hague, which is part of the cooperatioj agreement between the School and NCFU.