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Congratulationson the Victory Day!

Date of material placement: 12-05-2015, 10:01.
Address from Vladimir Vladimirov, Governor of Stavropol Region

Dear Stavropolities, Dear Veterans!

I am sincerely happy to congratulate you on this Day as we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory!

This sacred date is of special meaning to each of us. We, the successors of the glorious army, are responsible for this country, whose peaceful future was earned by our fathers and grandfathers.

The heroic deeds of the generation that won in the Great Patriotic War are our pride and the basis on which we are building our future. And no other event in our lives could be ever dearer and closer to our hearts. We will pass this special attitude to our children and grandchildren, so that this memory lives through ages bringing all the people of Russia together. Let them all in the Stavropol always remember this Victory, and let them be proud of that!

I am profoundly happy to wish all our Veterans long life! Let all our people stay well, happy, and enjoy the peaceful sky above!

Enjoy this Holiday, friends!

Happy Victory Day!