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Global Learning Experience at NCFU

Date of material placement: 28-04-2015, 10:52.
North-Caucasus federal University hosted a series of seminars INNOVATION AND EDUCATION: HOW TO ARRANGE STUDENTS’ INDEPENDENT ACTIVITIES WITHIN COMPETENCE-BASED MODEL and EVALUATION SYSTEM FOR EDUCATION QUALITY: FOREIGH STRATEGIES AND MODELS. The first of the two seminars was meant for teachers while the other one brought together heads of departments and management. The whole event was opened by Valentin Shipulin (Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs).

The seminars were delivered by Elena Kamenskaya – International Expert in the area of high school modernization. The latest ten years she has been holding the position of Program Director at Salzburg Global Seminar.

These seminars stirred great interest among the participants, and much time was spent on dialogue among the colleagues where theoretical issues were put to test by representatives of various institutes of NCFU. All in all over 350 teachers attended the events, which is evidence to the top international training standards they are going to offer to their students.

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Global Learning Experience at NCFUGlobal Learning Experience at NCFUGlobal Learning Experience at NCFUGlobal Learning Experience at NCFU