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International Women’s Day

Date of material placement: 6-03-2015, 09:42.

Dear Ladies of NCFU, dear Students and Colleagues,

The dearest words we hear – Life, Love, Goodness, Beauty – in our language they all pertain to the feminine gender. Woman is the epitome of all these priceless words. Mothers, Sisters, Friends, Colleagues – all these Ladies that we, men, see around ourselves, they fill us with new ideas and energy, and all our deeds and discoveries are for them!

We are grateful for your wisdom that helps us find ways out when we face tough times, and for your sympathy that helps when we need some decisive support, and for your hard work and nice ideas that serve basis to our numerous victories!

We wish you all the best on this great Day of March 8, a lot of optimism, love, true friends and lots of success both in life and at work!

Rector’s Office, NCFU