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National Student’s Day – Words from Governor

Date of material placement: 23-01-2015, 10:37.
National Student’s Day – Words from Governor

Dear Friends,

I am sincerely happy to congratulate all the youth of our Region on this Student’s Day!

You are creative and full of new ideas, you are willing to change world making it better and you are filling our region with young energy. Your ideas and enthusiasm promote the most courageous projects and bring a new impetus to the development of Stavropol Region and of Russia.

Through these years of studies you are paving the way to your future, you are building your life path, and you are becoming part of the large student fraternity. This is the time for bold moves, for creating, for love. This is the best time in anyone’s life!

I am wishing all the students of our region a lot of confidence and success to your most ambitious plans, I am wishing you to have your eyes shining, to be full of optimism, and to have true friends!

Good Luck to you all, both in your studies and in your life!

Vladimir Vladimirov


Stavropol Region