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Date of material placement: 30-01-2015, 10:23 Category: University
Awards delivered at Academic Council Meeting
A meeting of the NCFU Academic Council started with delivering the awards to the best ones. The team representing NCFU at the Russian National Student Contest (held in Moscow, Russia) got their well-earned Cup in the nomination of National Dance.

Date of material placement: 24-01-2015, 10:56 Category: University
National Student’s Day Celebrated at NCFU
NCFU celebrated the National Student’s Day with a special game that welcomed everyone.

Date of material placement: 23-01-2015, 11:04 Category: University
Translation Students of NCFU Enjoy Demand in Labour Market
Institute of Humanities of NCFU held a conference focusing on employment for those majoring in Translation studies.

Date of material placement: 23-01-2015, 10:37 Category: University
National Student’s Day – Words from Governor
Dear Friends, I am sincerely happy to congratulate all the youth of our Region on this Student’s Day!

Date of material placement: 16-01-2015, 10:25 Category: University
Training for Foreign Citizens
North-Caucasus Federal University has launched training courses for foreigners wishing to get prepared for their exam in the Russian language, History of Russia, and Basics of Russian Legislation. 

Date of material placement: 16-01-2015, 10:18 Category: University
Training for IELTS – Enrollment Announced
NCFU’s Department for Complementary Professional Education is herewith announcing enrollment in IELTS training groups (Academic Module).

Date of material placement: 12-01-2015, 15:10 Category: Student life
Training in Emirates
End of December was a special time for a group of students majoring in Hotel Management (Institute of Service, Tourism and Design / branch of NCFU in Pyatigorsk) as they spent a week undergoing training within the Hotel and Tourism Business in UAE programme.