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Young Scientists’ School Started

Date of material placement: 24-12-2014, 17:18.

Institute of Mathematics & Natural Sciences has started Young Scientists’ School the purpose of that being introduction of students into the methods for scientific activities. The first class focused on the issues related to writing articles (delivered by Vasily Chikhichin; Associate Professor, Dept of Economic & Social Geohgraphy) where the participants could get to know the typical issues regarding scientific texts after which they plunged into studying the rules for building proof. Such sessions impose structure on the mind so it should come in handy both for those who will join the academic community some day as well as those who will choose not to dig into the hard stone of science. The major point here is to shape the culture of thought and Young Scientists’ School is of great help.

Department for Information & Public Relations

Young Scientists’ School StartedYoung Scientists’ School StartedYoung Scientists’ School Started