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Professor of Warsaw at NCFU

Date of material placement: 24-11-2014, 16:30.

Institute of Economics & Management hosted a meeting where students of the Institute could talk with MariaParlinska, Associate professor WULS-SGGW, Dr hab. Head of Department of Agricultural Economics and International Economic Relations. The event was focused on international cooperation in education.

This was Mrs. Parlinska’s second visit to Stavropol, and she was more than happy to be back invited by Prof. Lev Ushvitsky (Director, Institute of Economics & Management).

After telling about her home institution Maria dwelled on international contacts mentioning that the University of Warsaw, just like NCFU, is actively establishing cooperation with foreign universities thus joining the international academic area

- We need to expand our network, yet we can not abandon our past and our roots, - Maria Parlinska was quoted as saying.

After the lecture Maria too some questions from the students introducing them into various issues of academic exchange, also noting that language skills are the key to success here.

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